New: Aluminum Chassis for Swiss K31 Rifles by Sureshot Armament Group

    Czech company Sureshot Armament Group has introduced a new chassis for Swiss K31 rifles. It is a one piece construction, CNC machined from a solid 7075 aluminum block. The chassis allows free floating the K31 action. It is also extremely lightweight weighing little over 2 lbs 12 oz (1268 grams). Interestingly, it is even lighter than the original K31 wooden stock.

    The new chassis doesn’t require any modifications to the rifle. So it basically just replaces the original stock. It also features adjustable cheek rest and buttpad. It accepts AR-15 pistol grips and has a KeyMod handguard. It also has a KeyMod section on the bottom of the buttstock for mounting a monopod.

    Here is an image of the original K31 rifle…

    …and what you can convert it into.

    According to the manufacturer, the chassis will be available in April 2017 and their rough estimation of the MSRP is €1300 (about $1388). The price will also include the optics rail.

    Of course, this product once again will spark the debate of whether one should mod the historical rifles or not. From one side “purists” insist on keeping such rifles in their original condition. In the other camp, people say that the gun is their property and they are free to do with it whatever they want to. I think both sides are not completely right or wrong. To me, if the gun has some really significant historical or collector’s value (rare version, experimental etc.), then modding it is not a good idea. You can always trade it to those who cherish its value. But if the old gun is nothing special except being old, then why not to modify it? Also, a chassis like SAG’s one doesn’t make any permanent modifications to the gun and you can swap back the original stock anytime you want.

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