BE Meyers Releases Civilian Legal MAWL-C1+

    BE Meyers, known for their laser technologies, has announced the release of their civilian legal MAWL device. The MAWL is a purpose-built tactical modern sporting/ assault rifle visible laser and IR laser/illuminator. In military or law enforcement configuration, the MAWL-DA comes equipped with powerful long-range capable infrared lasers and a top of the line IR illuminator. In its C1+ configuration, this is swapped for civilian legal Class 1 type lasers.

    While various competitors also can offer similar maximum capability, the MAWL is purpose-built for short tactical carbines and engagements in a variety of environments. The MAWL is modular and user-configurable for mounting off-set the main top rail to either the right or left with the dual-purpose base pad mounted top center for common tactical grips.

    From there, the MAWL features a bevvy of options for both the visible and infrared settings including short, mid range, and long range IR options with similar settings for the visible green laser. The user selects the range they are looking at through a toggle switch controlling both the visible and IR settings.

    All of this awesome capability comes at a price. The MAWL-C1+ clocks in at $2,500 at the time of this writing, offered through TNVC

    Specs (From BE Meyers):

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