Shooting a Full Auto MP5 From A Cessna

    Mark Serbu, his daughter and Vlogger Dan go up in what looks like a Cessna, fly out somewhere over the ocean and shoot a full auto MP5 out of the plane.

    I am not that well versed with FAA laws but generally you cannot discharge a firearm from an airplane. However if Mark flew the plane outside of the US an into International waters that may be ok. Anyone who has a pilot’s license can you chime in?

    I dabbled in flying Cessnas back when I was younger but never pursued getting my pilot’s license. This looks like fun but there is a potential for danger. As long as they were all being responsible and safe I do not see the issue.

    This could be akin to the marketing campaign SlencerCo had when they launched the Maxim 9 with their Maxim Vice video. They charted a boat and had people shoot in international waters.

    Watching the video above, I think Mark should get a collapsible stock or folding stock. This would making shooting it in such a confined area easier and it would fit in the backpack without having the muzzle stick out.


    For example, here is my MP5 with a folding brace. It fits inside my Vanquest IBEX 20L backpack just fine.

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