New Non-Scopes from Leupold

    Leupold bipod

    Leupold & Stevens is well known for its optics with rifle scopes being one of its dominant product categories. However, the company makes more than just glass. In fact, the company has a robust line of accessories that supports the products it is well known for. Here is a look at a few of the things the company added to its catalog for 2017.

    Carbon Fiber Bipods

    Leupold added a pair of carbon fiber bipods to its offerings this year. Both are lightweight and use magnetic mounts for quiet deployment. One is a standard size (6.5″-9.5″) while the second is longer (9.5″-13.5″). They weigh 5.5 ounces and 6.5 ounces respectively. Both models have the same MSRP: $339.

    Binocular Tripod Tray

    Leupold bino tray

    Some binoculars have a mounting point to attach directly to a tripod. Others do not. This new Tripod Tray allows any binoculars to fasten to a tripod using a hook and loop strap. Its simple but seems to work well. The suggested retail on this is only $19.

    Zoom SVS Universal Adapter

    Leupold universal

    This kit allows you to take pictures and record video with your cellular phone through a Leupold spotting scope or binocular. It uses a quick-connect system for easy set up. The system has an MSRP of $74.

    iPhone Adapter Kits

    Leupold iphone

    Like the Universal Adapter above, Leupold is also making iPhone adapter kits that work with specific models of Apple products. These have an auto-alignment feature and properly set eye relief for the best image possible. These are a bit more expensive at $199.

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