Sintercore Teases 15-22 Charging Handle

    Despite thousands upon thousands of units sold, the aftermarket for the 15-22 has languished a hair, likely due to Smith & Wesson keeping much of the mounting and interface proprietary. Its well know the difficulty trying to get standard handguards to interface flush with the receiver, with only various options able to slide back across the gap with the barrel nut adapters in place.

    Perhaps most annoying for everyone using the 15-22 as a true training tool has been the lack of charging handles. While a few companies have stepped up like Next Level Armament, the “major” charging handle players have kept their offerings limited to the “big boy” rifles.

    Fortunately, this leaves room for small companies to fill in niches. Seeing a market hole is Sintercore, known for their Tripwire charging handles, which I previously reviewed a few years ago. Seeing the 15-22 crowd woefully underserved, Sintercore has announced they will soon offer the Tripwire 15-22 with the characteristic latch-free design.

    Features from the “big boy” will stay consistent including construction from 7075-T6 aluminum, weighing in at less than 1 ounce, and an “engineering grade” thermoplastic latch. Color options include various Cerakote Elite colors like Concrete (Grey), Earth (Brown), Jungle (ACU Green), Sand (Tan), and Midnight (Black).

    Special pre-order pricing is currently live on their website. Those interested in upgrading their 15-22 will only pay $50 retail with pre-orders at $45. 

    Nathan S

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