NEWS ALERT: Jim Fuller Announces The Sale Of Rifle Dynamics

    Rifle Dynamics owner Jim Fuller took to Facebook to announce that he was approached by a ‘group of long time friends’ to sell the company and that he has accepted the offer. Fuller has not yet disclosed the buyers nor the sale price and only offers that more information will be available soon.

    Arguably the king of custom-built AK patterned rifles, Fuller states that the company he originally started to fund retirement life grew to be more popular than he ever imagined. He also said that under the new ownership, his hope is that by the end of the year, customers will be able to walk into a gun shop, actually hold, buy and carry out a Rifle Dynamics gun on the very same day. Currently, custom build are taking up to a year to complete.

    Fuller makes it clear that he isn’t going anywhere and looks forward to building more guns rather than dealing with the business side of the house.

    Rumors abound about the new ownership, but until we get verifiable information here at TFB, I’ll leave the speculation to other sources.

    Rifle Dynamics on Facebook – Jim Fuller


    Rifle Dynamics is the trusted leader in custom Kalashnikov’s

    Rifle Dynamics is the premier builder of Kalashnikov platform (AK-47, AK-74, AKM) rifles. Our rifles are built by hand from the ground up; Each part hand-fitted to create a completely custom AK with none of the questionable quality of a factory assembly. Top notch AK Builds have become our unparalleled reputation. Each individual order requires the time and attention of every member on our team. Our assurance to you is that we will not sacrifice quality for speed, resulting in a superior AK rifle our customers can depend on.


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