Vorpal Arms SOLO Muzzle Brake from UK

    A British company called Vorpal Arms manufactures a very interesting looking muzzle brake called SOLO. It is sort of a combination of conical flash hider and a multi-chamber muzzle brake. The SOLO also has external threads, which allow mounting an outer jacket/blast diverter, which covers the muzzle brake to reduce the flash and possibly decrease the report, too. Of course, it comes at a cost of reduced recoil mitigation capability due to less space for the escaping gasses.

    This idea is getting popular among muzzle device manufacturers with more and more of them offering a similar solution. In the case of SOLO, it looks to be a pretty large muzzle brake and I think that the blast reducer can perform as a suppressor too. However, it is also possible to mount a Vorpal Zephyr suppressor (“sound moderator” as the manufacturer calls it) over the brake too. And in case if you want to use solely the SOLO, there is a thread protector.

    The SOLO comes with following internal thread pitch options: three imperial thread pitches (1/2×20″, 1/2×28″ or 5/8×24″) and two metric ones (M15x1 or M18x1). SOLO also comes with a number of different washers and shims to allow timing it correctly on the gun. Vorpal Arms also suggests to add a thread locking compound to secure it even better. Well, if you are going to stick to their products family only, then locking the threads can possibly be a good idea.

    Vorpal SOLO has an MSRP of £120, which is about $150 and you need to add about $25 (£20) for the blast diverter.


    Vorpal Arms Limited
    Website: www.vorpal-arms.co.uk
    Tel: +44 (0)1629 826497

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