Colt Promotions for 2017

    Colt is running a pair of promotions to encourage you to buy its guns. One is centered on the Expanse rifle while the other is for some of its 1911-style pistols.

    Expand Your Expanse

    The marketing titled “Expand Your Expanse” promotion gives you a TruGlo TG8030DB and a single Magpul PMAG if you purchase a Colt Expanse rifle. The TruGlo sight is a red dot style tube light that is swappable between red and green 5 MOA reticles. It sells for about $50 at Amazon. It is not clear which PMAG is being included in this offer.

    This offer is good only on the following Colt Expanse models:

    • CE2000
    • CE2000-HB
    • CE2000HB-FDE
    • CE2000HB-ODG
    • CE2000HB-TSG

    A couple of things to note: first the rifle has to be purchased from a Colt stocking dealer and only one promotional kit for each household.

    Range Ready with Colt

    The second promotion requires you to purchase a Competition Series pistol, Gold Cup pistol or Delta Elite pistol. If you do, Colt will send you a range kit that includes a branded range bag, ear muffs and eye pro. These are the gun models that apply:

    • O1980CCS
    • O1982CCS
    • O1983CCS
    • O1080CCS
    • O1082CCS
    • O1083CCS
    • O5070X
    • O5070XE
    • O5072XE
    • O5870A1
    • O2020
    • O2020XE
    • O2020RG
    • O2020FDE

    As with the Expanse offer, the Colt gun purchase must be made through a stocking dealer to qualify. Click here to read more about the offers.

    Richard Johnson

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