5 Function Shotgun Ultimate Primer Punch

    While I was checking out Keith Products Co machine shop, Keith’s friend Rudy of CreativeReloadingSolutions stopped by. Rudy had Keith help him make his Ultimate Primer Punch. Now I don’t shoot enough shotgun that I need to reload shells but I have a grasp of the concept. However there are issues I was not aware of until Rudy went thru the process with me. Of course you need to punch out the primer and swag the shell just like you do when you reload brass ammunition. What I was not aware of is that the primer pockets tend to get stretched a bit and the only solution is to use an over sized primer. Well Rudy’s primer punch does five different functions all on station 1 of your shotgun shell reloader.

    – Deprimes
    – Reconditions the Primer Pocket
    – Swages the upper end of the hull
    – Cleans the upper end of the hull
    – Adjustable flare for the crimp folds

    The most interesting feature is that it Reconditions the Primer Pocket. I didn’t understand how it can tighten a loose primer pocket.

    In the picture above you can see the primer punch. The shoulder of the punch is what reconditions the primer pocket. It has a shallow angle conical shape that helps to tighten the primer pocket.

    Rudy also had Keith help him make a shot shell trimmer.


    It has a carbide cutter and all you do is insert the shell and spin it to trim the edge of the shell so that it aids in creating a uniform crimp.

    You can check out Rudy’s reloading tools at CreativeReloadingSolutions.com.

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