SilencerCo Offers $200 Tax Rebate Program

    I had the unfortunate responsibility of reporting SilencerCo’s workforce layoffs a few weeks ago. The firearms industry as a whole is in rapid transition – eight years of panic buy cycles and stockpiling for an alternate election result has a way of throwing companies into turmoil. In an effort to quell stagnation, SiCo is offering a $200 rebate for anyone who buys a Silencer between February 1st an April 30th of this year.


    Unfortunately, the deal is slightly misleading. SilencerCo is not offering a rebate, they are offering a $200 credit through their online store. Which means if you buy a SilencerCo silencer, you can buy accessories at full MSRP using the $200 in store credit. The “rebate” also cannot be combined wit other offers or sales.

    A true $200 rebate may have stimulated me enough to buy a 3-lug capable Omega 9K. Even so, if all you could do was offer a store credit on full-priced items – just say it. Don’t attempt a bait and switch campaign by luring people in with the hopes of a $200 actual rebate. As one forum poster mentioned, ‘until I can pay for my tax stamp with brakes, mounts and end caps, this store credit isn’t that great a deal’. And I have to agree; this discount leaves something to be desired.

    I am not trying to be negative. This is a company who has helped to shape and expand modern Silencer ownership in more ways than one. And I guess we should all be happy that SilencerCo are trying to energize consumer buying. I just expected more in terms of truth in advertising.

    If you were planning on buying one of their silencers anyway, go ahead and take advantage of the store credit. Just please don’t spend it all on hipster, flat brimmed SiCo hats.

    (Ok, fine, I’ll probably still buy Omega 9K)

    Purchase one of our silencers through a SilencerCo Dealer any time between February 1, 2017 and April 30, 2017 then click the link below to register your product and upload your proof of purchase.

    You’ll then receive a custom code via email within 72 hours that’s good for up to $200 worth of free gear on SilencerCo’s web store – accessories, merchandise – you name it.


    SilencerCo Rebate Program


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