Weapons Armament Research CA Legal Glock Comp

    Sometimes ridiculous laws and regulations will drive innovation. Weapons Armament Research (WAR) has designed a compensator for Glock pistols that uses a system without barrel threads, which for some reason is illegal in places like California. Named the Lock On Compensator (L.O.C.), WAR developed the muzzle device to use a near tool less design to attach and remove the comp. Users can use a punch or a bullet tip to add or remove the device.

    I had the chance to discuss the L.O.C. with WAR owner/operator Anibal Salinas. He writes:

    [The L.O.C.] compensates recoil and mitigates flash away from the sight picture. The way the ports are machined they direct the gases away from the front sight. The added weight up front also reduces muzzle flip compsred to a lighter aluminum comp. It also does not require an aftermarket recoil spring when running factory 115g ammo. Plus +P ammo runs really nice through this comp as well.

    Currently the L.O.C. is being developed for generation 3 and 4 Glock 19s. Preorders for the comp and the Lone Wold Distributors made barrel will be available in the next two weeks for $420. After preorders are filled, the L.O.C. will retail at $450.

    Next up will be the Glock 17, followed by the .40 S&W models as well as the S&W M&P line of pistols.

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