Reloading at Home Revolutionized? The Mark 7 Revolution Motorized Reloading Machine

    Named as “A dramatic and wide-reaching change in conditions, attitudes, or operation”, Mark 7 Reloading has started showing their forthcoming Mark 7 Revolution reloading stand. Known for their Dillon 1050 and 650 electronic drives, the Revolution is Mark 7’s first foray into their own reloading machine, and it’s not a small jump. Mark 7 touts the machine can load up to 3,500 rounds in one hour.

    They state they are being guarded about information, but have released some information on the system – primarily that it’s built to be electronically driven. The entire operation of the reloading machine is computer controlled and monitored.  Dillon kits simply retrofit the reloading handle. Further, it integrates all the various sensors that have typified their high-end 1050 machines including: JamSense, TorqueSense, PowderSense, the Optical Decapping Sensor, SwageSense, and PrimerSense.

    The machine is quite compact, coming in at 15″ x 15″ x 33″ “with a slight overhang for onboard accessories.” The Revolution is designed for all common pistol calibers .380 and larger and up to battle rifle rounds such as .30-06. Initial support will be for 9mm, .38, .40, .45, .223, and .308. It seems (but not confirmed), that the reloader includes auto case loading, a large powder holder, and other common aftermarket accessories.

    Mark 7 anticipates the release of the Revolution in summer S of 2017. Retail pricing is $8,499, with a $1,500 deposit to reserve your space in line.

    For those curious on more details, you can check out the Revolution here.

    Nathan S

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