SureFire’s New Lights | SHOT 2017

    SureFire had some new lights at Shot Show 2017.  The Firepak has been shelved for this new light. with intellibeam. So the light reflected off the surface will cause the light to auto switch to the flood beam so you are not blinded by the backsplash of light.


    SureFire has taken their popular XC1 light and made the XC2. Now it has a built in laser. MSRP is a bit steep at $400.


    SureFire also has a new X-series light that is single cell. The XH1 is 350 lumens and is designed to work with their new holster.

    Below you can see SureFire’s new holster that is designed to grab their weaponlights. Due to the method of attachment, it only works on certain SureFire weaponlignts. You can see the new X-400 mounted on the blue gun. The bezel has been redesigned to interface with the holster.

    The holster looks like a competition race ghost holster and you have the light automatically be activated upon the draw of the pistol.

    And every year they have a minigun on display with a SureFire Hellfighter.

    Nicholas C

    Steadicam Gun Operator
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    Flashlight/Laser Enthusiast
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