Dark Storm Industries | SHOT 2017

    My super hot girlfriend hails from Western New York. (I refuse to say “Upstate New York”) Every time we visit I am reminded that Andrew Cuomo and the “Safe Act” have restricted the gun rights of the citizens of New York State. Rifles with “evil features” such as flash hiders, pistol grips and “high capacity magazines” cannot be purchased, however if you want to get an Ar-15 style rifle there are still options.

    Dark Storm Industries of Oakdale, New York, sells a suite of Ar-15 and Ar-10 patterned rifles. Their product lines include “featureless Ar-15 rifles” that lack pistol grips, muzzle accessories, collapsible stocks and have fixed magazines. Their Ar-15 rifles are chambered in 5.56 NATO and .300 Blackout. The Ar-10 patterned rifles are chambered in 7.62 NATO and 6.5 Creedmoor. They also offer Ar-15 pistols chambered in 9mm and .40 S&W.

    Dark Storm Industries brought some neat guns to Nevada! Pictured are some “featureless rifles” as well as some Ar pistols.

    Note the New York compliant “featureless” rifles. They had Ar-15 and Ar-10’s available to shoot on Range Day.

    This is how you load a rifle that has a fixed magazine. Pop the rear pin and load the fixed 7 round magazine from the top.

    If you live in New York, and you want an Ar-15 patterned “featureless rifle”, buy one from Dark Storm Industries. The owners were on site during SHOT Show. Awesome people.

    Thomas Gomez

    Thomas Gomez currently resides in the mountains of central New Mexico. He has an M.B.A, an Ar-15/M16/M4 armorer certification from Specialized Armament Warehouse as well as a Glock armorer certification. Aside from writing for The Firearm Blog he works as a Clinical Analyst for a large Hospital. He spends his free time farming, ranching, hiking, fly-fishing and hunting in the beautiful forests and prairies of New Mexico. He can be reached at [email protected]