Shooting Blind & Fire Hoops: Advanced Training Analysis Saudi Arabian NG

    National defense is serious business. As such, it is important to observe and analyze different country’s training techniques throughout the world in an attempt to learn and better understand our allies and our foes. Late last month, the Saudi Arabian National Guard held training excercises and informational displays for Prince Mutaib, National Guard Minister, and other VIPs. Fortunately, photographers were on hand to cover the event.

    FN was well represented in the training exercises with SANG sporting FiveseveNs and SCARs. A close evaluation shows that the guns are all black – in a desert environment I would have expected to see FDE versions of these weapons.

    SANG commandos displayed several different formations, maneuvers and drills during the multi day event. Dynamic live fire drills were one of the highlighted sessions.

    Seemingly simple challenges like building clearing and door breaching quickly become complicated with the addition of unknown variables. It is impossible to plan for every situation, however with repetition, muscle memory takes over and complex movements become more fluid.

    Saudi Arabia

    Commandos were repeatedly tested before the Prince and consistently came away unscathed.

    The SANG soldiers showed discipline and strength throughout each of the challenges.

    Teamwork is always the key to a successful mission. Train like you fight.

    In the end, success is not measured by the number of overall achievements, but by the style and grace of professional teamwork.


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