M&P 9 Shield Threaded Barrel, New From Silencerco

    Silencerco has rolled out yet another threaded barrel for a popular pistol, this time for the M&P 9 Shield. The Glock 43 barrel proved to be rather popular with owners of the single stack 9mm, I expect the Shield version to be no less popular. Interestingly Silencerco decided to not include a piston with this model of barrel like the Glock 43.

    When I reached out to Silencerco about them not including a piston they told me that because the Glock 43 uses a special piston they include it with the barrel. The Shield will take the standard 1/2x28mm piston standard on just about every 9mm threaded barrel on the planet.

    The new barrel with feature a 1:10 twist rate and be 3.65″ in length, perfectly suited for the M&P 9 Shield. The 416R Stainless barrels are finished with the same Black Nitride coating that the rest of their barrels are done with, so we know that the barrels are going to be rather resilient to wear.

    The barrels are available now in Silencerco’s webstore and appear to be shipping. If you have a need for a single stack gun to be suppressed it would be hard to beat this combo. I think if it were paired with an Omega 9k it might even be concealable …. maybe.