ZEV and Mega Arms Announce Merger

    ZEV Technologies, a company known for their custom, high-end GLOCKs, GLOCK parts, and accessories and Mega Arms, a manufacturer known for their AR-15 rifles, parts, and accessories today announced a merger of the two firearm companies.

    The ZEV/Mega press release included the tidbit that the president of Mega Arms, Mike Miller, will immediately take control of both ZEV and Mega brand’s manufacturing processes. The press release also indicated there would be no significant changes to the two brands and that neither of the company’s product lines will significantly alter any time soon. No other inside information was announced at the time of this particular press release.

    This merger announcement comes just three months after ZEV, an Oxnard California based company announced expansion to Centralia, Washington, the home of Mega Arms and also a few days after ZEV displayed an AR-15 trigger called the SSR at SHOT 2017.

    The best part of this announcement was a comment one astute observer made back in October on the ZEV Tech’s Facebook page after they announced the move to Washington. Assuming he had no insider info on the merger he needs to start some day trading.

    You can read the details for yourself at ZEV Technologies website, (but oddly not at the Mega Arms website): http://www.zevtechnologies.com/assets/press-releases/ZEV_PressRelease_ZEV-MEGA.pdf

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