Ruger’s LCRx – Now in Magnum Strength!

    Ruger LCRx

    Ladies – do you ever have that little problem that a .38 just doesn’t seem to quite fix? No matter how many times you stroke the trigger, those little underpowered loads just don’t seem Special enough to make the bad man stop?

    Worry no more!

    New from your friends at Sturm, Ruger & Co. is a wheel gun that guarantees to put more wallop in your preferred felon repellant! Now loaded with Magnum firepower, the LCRx will send the neighborhood mugger packing.

    Ruger designed this gun specifically for all of your needs! Built on the success of the LCR platform, this five shot revolver uses space age polymers and advanced aerospace metals to make the gun both light and durable. Perfect for the pocket or purse!

    But unlike the original LCR, the LCRx series offers you an exposed hammer spur that you can cock for single action shots. While no one expects you to fan that hammer like Annie Oakley, it does allow for more precise shots when the need arises.

    And don’t think you won’t ever need those crisp single action shots! The next time the gang is at the range for your weekly club meeting, it will be you with the tightest little groups. Talk about being the envy of the other women!

    When you’re ready to fix your Special problem with Magnum strength, Ruger is ready for you!

    Ruger LCRx

    New LCRx Specs

    • .357 Magnum
    • 5-shots
    • Hogue Tamer Monogrip
    • 17.1 ounces
    • OAL 6.5″
    • barrel length 1.87″
    • PVD black finish
    • MSRP: $669.00
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