Kingston Armory .22LR M1A/M14 Replica | SHOT 2017

    Kingston Armory makes a full size replica of the M1 and M14 chambered in .22LR. For obvious reasons there are some compromises taken. The guns uses a rotary box magazine that Kingston makes, however it is compatible with Ruger 10-22 style magazines.

    The upper receiver is not quite like an M1 but in the style of one.

    The M1 .22 Kingston Garand has 100% U.S. Steel receivers. The stocks are all walnut and the trap door steel butt plate are faithful to the original design. The sights are new manufactured national match sights but the rear sight base is proprietary. This does allow one to remove the rear sight base to reveal screw holes to mount a scope.

    Their M14 is just a slightly modified version of their M1 Garand.

    The rotary magazine is affixed to the top of a real modified M14 magazine.

    The heft and feel of the M1 Garand is there when you pick up this replica. Best of all it only retails for $699. Much better than the $1299 for the scaled down Standard Manufacturing Thompson replica, unless that is what you want.

    Check out Kingston Armory for more information.

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