D.I. Optical ATPIAL & Mk.19 Mount | SHOT 2017

    D.I Optical is a South Korean company that has dealt mainly in optics mounts to heavy machine guns such as the .50 BMG M2, and automatic grenade launchers such as the 40x46mm High Velocity Mk.19. Recently at SHOT the company unveiled their new DILAD02, a laser aiming module with very similar dimensions to a PEQ15, but at more than half the price with a suggested retail price of $550. The device comes with a picatinny mount and has visible and IR laser capabilities. Body is made from 6061-T6 aluminum and it is waterproof to three meters, weighing 8.8 ounces. It takes one CR123A lithium ion battery, inserted into the forward section, alongside the firing port. Controls are from the rear, while calibrations are made by two dials along the side that utilize a sort of Aimpoint cap type system with the two exposed dots. The system can be activated by a press button on top, or can have a pressure switch plugged in from the rear. Battery life is listed as up to 10 continuous hours on a 20 mW setting, while 35 continuous hours on the 5 mW setting.

    Although a tried and true Military PEQ15 it isn’t, the DILAD02 should be coming to the U.S. market in April of this year, and with a $550 price tag I can’t see why it wouldn’t take the laser aiming modules by storm, provided the device stands up to reliability testing. Given that most of us aren’t sleeping in monsoons, conducting live fire attacks in the Mojave desert, or fast-roping out of CH-53s, I can’t imagine why the module wouldn’t serve as an excellent alternative in the civilian or LE markets to the rugged PEQ15 or PEQ16 series currently serving the Armed Forces.

    The company also makes this neat Mk.19 picatinny mount that attaches to more recent versions of the Mk.19 with a mounting bracket on the right side of the launcher.


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