Ascendance Int’l Heat Mitigating Rail Systems | SHOT 2017

    Ascendance International is an interesting company. They make a unique handguard system made of Entherm. Entherm is their made up name for the thermoplastic material that they make their handguards out of. The material has great thermal mitigation properties. They had a gun equipped with one of their handguards out at Range Day and it went through 10,000 rounds of full auto fire and the handguard did not get hot enough to prevent shooter’s from holding it.

    At a test of various handguards, guns were subjected to 7 magazines of continuous fire and reloads. Then the handguards were measured for temperature. The Entherm handguards measured only 189 degrees.

    They have the ability to make a handguard for any weapon platform. Below are two handguards for the Sig Sauer MCX/MPX platform. The small holes are actually MLOK compatible.


    Here is a handguard with a stackable extension


    Ascendance International has also made their own silencer. The silencer is covered in an Entherm jacket. They said you can fire 90 rounds through it and the can is still safe to touch.  The internal design of the suppressor was developed to help the gasses flow rather than stay trapped within the suppressor. There is a built in flash hider at the front end of the suppressor with vent holes.

    For people who do not want the open pronged design, they make a closed off sleeve. The prongs are then under the opening and the vents actually created a spiraling effect with escaping gasses.  Due to this venting design there is no gas blow back that one would typically find in a traditional suppressor design on an AR-15 platform.

    The suppressor is new and will retail for under $1200.

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