Kalashnikov Monument To Open In Moscow

by Pete

On May 8th (Victory Day Eve) Russia will unveil a large monument in the likeness of Mikhail Kalashnikov as a testament to his influence on modern day weapon design and, as the sculptor stated, to commemorate “the struggle of good versus evil”.

If my estimations are correct, it appears the General is roughly three times the size of a typical man. Meaning that the AK that “Giant Kalashnikov” is carrying fires a 22.8mm round. That’s a lot of lead.

Interestingly, the Kalashnikov likeness is holding a Type 2, milled receiver AK. I would have expected to see a Type 1 stamped receiver rifle. I’m sure someone in the comments section will come along and school me on Type 1 and Type 2 development and production timeframes.

From the Kalashnikov Concern Website on the Moscow Monument:

Please excuse the internet translation.

The monument to the outstanding Russian designer Mikhail Kalashnikov will be opened in the center of Moscow on the eve of Victory Day, reported by the author of the sculpture – People’s Artist of Russia Salavat Shcherbakov.

The monument erected in Armory Lane – at the intersection of Garden and Karetnaya and Krasnoproletarsk aya streets. Originally, the monument was planned to open 21 January, the day in 1948 the Minister of arms of the USSR Dmitry Ustinov signed a decree on the production of an experimental batch of the Kalashnikov assault rifle. However, due to weather conditions, the opening of the monument to date was postponed.

“Strong frosts and snowfalls at the end of 2016 have made adjustments in our plans. Because of the cold we were not able to prepare the foundation of the composition, in addition, the time required and the builders, to be moved from the square communication. A month later, the monument will be cast in bronze, granite and its elements have already made, “- shared Salavat Shcherbakov .
Salavat Scherbakov presented a full-size model of the monument in a soft material (clay) and spoke about the progress.

“The main figure here – Mikhail Kalashnikov. This is a man of great modesty, and in his hands he holds the “perfect product” – as a Stradivarius violin would hold. But since this story is not enough, we put behind the silhouette of the globe, emphasizing the global importance of these weapons. Having more time, I decided to slightly modify the composition. Kalashnikov – Michael, and the fight between good and evil, I passed through the figure of its patron saint – Archangel Michael, pounding into hell dragon. And that’s spear is a symbol of the machine. And earlier we used the image of St. George, “- said the author.

According to the sculptor, in addition to “the struggle between good and evil” in the composition depicts the attributes of the design bureau of the time: Kuhlman and compasses, as well as drawings and “AK” model. It is noteworthy that the machine model directed toward evil character – the dragon.
The monument will be installed at the initiative of the Russian military-historical society, to collect donations for its creation continues.

The monument project was presented to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Russian Minister of Culture Vladimir Medina Chairman RVIO while visiting Concern “Kalashnikov” in Izhevsk September 20, 2016. The Head of State has approved the idea of perpetuating the memory of the designer. After that the Russian military-historical society has launched a campaign to raise funds to build a monument on the site
November 10, 2016 in Moscow was a demonstration of the reduced model of the monument arms designer Mikhail Kalashnikov. The event was timed to the birthday of the outstanding inventor, who would have turned 97 years old.


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  • Colonel K Colonel K on Jan 28, 2017

    Had the AK been issued during WWII, I might understand the desire to build the statue. As it is, not so much. I guess nobody told them "good" won the cold war.

  • Rocketman Rocketman on Jan 28, 2017

    The statue appears to be him in his late 40's or early 50's. I would have expected to see him in his late 20's or so when he first completed the design of the AK-47. I think that it would have been more appropriate considering what he is know throughout the world for.