BREAKING: SD Tactical Shut Down For Selling Solvent Trap Parts

    ** I want to preface this by saying that we have covered the legality of solvent traps time and time again, they are not legal and can place you in a position that you do not want to be in. NFA laws are serious and should be taken serious. **

    Editor’s Update – As of August 8th 2018: SD Tactical is still in business and can be found at

    About 12 hours ago SD Tactical released a statement on the Book of Face stating that the ATF had shut their business down because they have determined that they were selling “suppressor parts” without proper licensing. Now it is no secret that many of the parts that SD Tactical was selling are used in Form 1 suppressors for home build cans, but for the ATF to step in and regulate the sale of car parts purchased from NAPA or Autozone is a bit of a stretch.

    I am not a lawyer so the legalities of the matter are not something I can comment on but as an enthusiast, I have a hard time seeing what grounds the ATF used to shutter the small Veteran-owned business. The rational part of me sees the ATF position, but without looking at how the “solvent trap” parts were characterized on the site I can’t make a firm commitment to one side or the other.

    While we are no politics here, I did get a chuckle about the final paragraph of the notice where SD Tactical pleaded with the internet to make it go viral so that the Trump Administration wold step in. Somehow I think that they have larger fish to fry right now.

    I hope that SD Tactical figures out a new direction to take so that they do not disappear from the marketplace, but the market is already crouwded making a focus chance very hard. You can visit them on the web at the SD Tactical website.