Badger Ordnance Precision Rifle Accessories, 16 Inch Rifle | SHOT 2017

    Badger Ordnance has been a very innovative precision rifle accessory company for some decades now (this year the 35th anniversary). The companies products have been used in competition and in Military/LE circles for almost just as long.

    New for 2017 included this 60mm Spotter Protective Filter (SPF-60). The SPF-60 is a sort of mechanical cat eye feature for spotting scopes. Snipers in the Marine Corps have been “cat eyeing” their scopes for decades now by duct taping the objective lens or the scope cap (not on the actual glass), then cutting a slit in it. Of course, this is great until you actually need a maximum amount of light transmission (when spotting in low light), then you have to rip off the duck tape cat eyes. Badgers response to this problem is with a set of mechanical cat eyes that screw into the side of a Leupold 12-40×60 (M151 in the Military). The aluminum cap folds over the objective lens, with two swiveling cat eyes that can be retracted to let in any amount of light. They can also be shut to completely protect the lens from the elements. Then the whole contraption can be swung open to allow complete light transmission. It comes in at 3.4 ounces.

    Also new is this extremely lightweight Kestrel 4000 and 5000 (separate holders) picatinny rail mounted holder. The design weighs just over half an ounce and clips to a picatinny rail. Although the company says it is for a spotting scope, there isn’t any reason not to clip it to a picatinny rifle rail, apart from the recoil rating that might bounce the Kestrel out of the holder.

    Badger is bringing to market a rifle! Usually an accessory company, this year will be the introduction of the M134 Compact Precision Rifle in .308 WIN/7.62x51mm NATO.Total weight is nine pounds, seven ounces. Length extended is 37.5″, collapsed is 33.5″. It has some innovative features such as a threaded barrel, adjustable length of pull, adjustable cheek piece, and an ambidextrious magazine release. The majority of the components (minus the magazine, scope, stock, are of course, Badger Ordnance.

    The company has modified Harris bipods so that the buttons deploying the legs are on the inside, instead of the traditional outside. This was done to prevent accidental deployments of the bipods. Also notice the M-Lok interface attachments on the Harris.


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