C-More Sights M26 Shotgun| SHOT 2017

    C-More has traditionally been more known for the companies competition sights than shotguns. But starting with the Master Key program in the 1990s at Picatinny Arsenal to get slide action shotgun mounted to an M4/M16, C-More submitted a bid and won the contract. Currently the Army has over 35,000 M26s in service, specifically by the Army Corps of Engineers, and Military Police and has seen service in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    The design is magazine fed, with either a three round magazine or an eight round magazine of 12 gauge shells, standard or less lethal. The action is operated by hand, loading, extracting, and ejecting all by a handle on the left side of the action. The Army has the 8 inch barrel variant, while it is completely legal for the other variants to be bought in the United States under a Short Barrel Shotgun (SBS) classification. C-More also makes an extremely shortened version, that can be sold as an AOW, because it is a smooth bore version.

    The Army version has some very neat features incorporated in it, such as the ability to take a hydraulic stock once off of a rifle, flip up sights that fold underneath the weapon when mounted, a breaching cone to put up to the device being breached. In addition there is a swiveling bit behind the front sight that allows the M26 to be adjusted for the dimensions of either a 14.5 inch barrel M4, or a 20 inch M16A4. Very similar to the M203’s star system used to adjust between the two dimensions.

    Standalone versions come with stocks, full length picatinny rails, and pistol grips to use outside of a rifle configuration.

    Our own Eddy O. even has a TFB TV segment on it, so stay tuned to the Youtube Channel for that to come through.


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