Agency Arms M&P, Latest Glock Packages | SHOT 2017

    Agency Arms is very well known for the custom Glock jobs that the company offers, both as a product in and of itself and as a service for customers sending their handguns in. At SHOT 2017 Agency Arms displayed some of their work on M&P full size handguns at the Brownells booth. Currently the company appears to just be working on the older M&P, but with the release of the 2.0, it looks like Agency will have to begin work on offering custom packages on that platform as well. The modifications involves a gratuitous amount of stippling, suppressor height sights, various lightening cuts, reflex sight cut out, custom trigger (not sure which drop in), and added slide serrations for ease of operation. It appears that Agency wants to go slow on the M&P with the amount of modifications before actually delving in and completely altering the handgun like they are very fond of doing to a large number of Glocks that bear the Agency name.

    Also on hand was one of Agency’s latest renditioning of a Glock, this one with a compensator, raised magazine release, and simple slide serrations. The frame is a Lone Wolf product as well.


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