Strike Industries MP5 Upgrades | SHOT 2017

    Strike Industries is in the works with a design to replace existing MP5 receivers, with a design that essentially revamps the existing H&K MP5 in Military and Law Enforcement armories all over the world. For right now it is in the prototype stages, but Strike is very keen on sharing their progress with the world, keeping the rest of us updated on the design process. What they have so far is an injection molded version that shows the industry the direction Strike is headed. Changing from existing MP5s to the Strike design would involve removing the bolt, and changing out the trunnion with barrel into the Strike receiver. All of this work can be done by a Police armorer, and won’t require the submachine guns being sent in to be revamped. The old trigger group is fitted into the receiver. Once completed, the receiver will be aluminum.

    For right now the design is being aimed at the LE market, because of the prominence of MP5s. In comparison, the civilian legal MP5 market is somewhat smaller, and the amount of NFA MP5s out there is even smaller than that. But, I assume that if it becomes popular on the LE side, we might see a civilian introduction for NFA and civilian legal MP5s or HK94s.

    Changes include an ambidextrous charging handle┬áposition with Strike’s charging handle. M-Lok rails are standard in the design on the forward rails.

    BUIS’s are integral to the picatinny rail system.

    Instead of an actual buttstock, the rear portion comes with a side mounted picatinny rail for the attachment of a picatinny mounted side folding stock. Or no stock at all as is evidenced by the cover photo.


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