Jesse James Brings Out The Stalin 12 | SHOT 2017

    Never lacking in flair and creativity, Jesse James Firearms Unlimited (JJFU) released two new guns at this year’s SHOT Show. Reviewers, including myself, have been critical of some of his past designs, including the Aerosonic line of suppressors. However, I’m turning over a new leaf. James employs some very talented artists and machinists who turn his visions into reality. Sure, they may not be the most practical of guns, but that really isn’t the point. Besides, James has been a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and the NRA, lending him a good deal of credibility throughout the shooting sports.

    First up, the Stalin 12, a 12 gauge AK styled shotgun with a folding and collapsible stock. Although it shares some likenesses with a Saiga 12, the receiver itself is milled steel rather than the standard pressed metal from typical AK shotguns. The prototype weighs in on the heavy side, but work on the production models will work to refine the process and lighten it up a bit.

    There is no formal MSRP yet for the Stalin 12, but Micheal Chavez, a JJFU engineer with an aerospace background, guesses it will start out at around $7.5K before custom engraving. Insane? Not for some of James’ well-heeled customers.

    JJFU Stalin 12

    Next up, the Califas Nomad – a AR-15 receiver based rifle with a wood Remington 870 styled stock in place of the typical grip and stock combo found on traditional MSRs. The rifle utilizes an ambidextrous side-charging system, an angled mag well and a lightweight rail. The buffer and spring system is buried within the buttstock and seems to function smoothly.

    JJFU lists the Califa Nomad as being “pretty much legal” in ban states such as CA, NY, MA and CT.

    I have to admit, this build has my attention. But at an estimated $3,500 price point, I’m going to have to sit this dance out.

    JJFU Califas Nomad

    Jesse James Firearms Unlimited

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