FLIR Micro Thermal Sight Q14B | SHOT 2017

    Flir is making a mini thermal sight. It is a triple threat. It can be used simply as a handheld and since it is so small and light, it is easy to put in a pocket for hiking or outdoor activities. It can be clipped onto an optic or worn on a helmet like a monocular. It can also be rail mounted on a gun.

    Here is a video of what it looks like.


    The Q14B has a built in USB-C port to download images. Oh yeah it can film or take still pictures and stores it internally.

    The best part? It will retail for about $1899. That is rather cheap for this level of thermal and this size. I was expecting it to be as expensive as 3rd gen night vision. Very interesting. It has a digital zoom and you can change color palette just like their regular thermal sights.

    Now for the bad news, this is the only one made. They are getting a lot of orders and the demand is high for this little optic. It will be awhile before we can get one.

    Nicholas C

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