Industry Range Day: Dark Storm Industries Current Cali Legal AR | SHOT 2017

    Dark Storm Industries is a New York based AR15 manufacturer that has come up with some very innovative ways to provide AR15s to gun owners in such restricted states as California, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York. Among their standard restricted products they have a new offering aimed specifically at California’s new legislation regarding the Bullet Button. In fact, their lower involves no button or magazine release at all! The lower is machined without one, and a magazine is more or less forever set in place within the magazine well, held by a screwed in retaining pin accessible by removing the trigger, hammer, and safety components. The magazine is topped off by popping the upper receiver off, single loading cartridges into the exposed magazine, closing the upper receiver, and continuing the course of fire. Although many might frown upon the design, it allows citizens within these restricted states to own an AR15 with a telescoping buttstock, pistol grip, and semi automatic capabilities while being within the legal parameters.


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