RISE Armament | SHOT 2017

    RISE Armament (out of Broken Arrow, OK) is the manufacturer of my favorite triggers and muzzle devices (when not running suppressed). That is not all they do–they also produce full .223 builds which are competition ready (meaning they already possess the features that most shooters end up adding, and out of the box are sub-MOA).

    They have a smaller update to their .223 line–a 16″ barrel version. (see what I did there? “smaller update”) Okay, okay, bad form…

    For those that want a smaller version of RISE's workmanship, they now have a 16".

    For those that want a smaller version of RISE’s workmanship, they now have a 16″.

    The big addition this year is their competition rifle chambered in .308 Win.

    It comes with all of the same features as their .223 line, including what appears to be a “black” version of the RA-535.

    The muzzle device on their .308 is a just a slightly larger version--same design.

    The muzzle device on their .308 is a just a slightly larger version–same design.

    It has a slightly larger version of their RA-701 compensator, and Magpul furniture (to include the PRS butt stock and grip). It also features a new hand guard which I will cover in more detail on Wednesday after I meet with them at the main show. Price on this new sub-MOA rifle is going to be around $2500.

    Visit RISE at: http://www.risearmament.com/

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