L.A.G Tactical Kydex holsters | SHOT 2017

    There are a lot of companies making Kydex holster and products, but none seem as eager to rapidly meet the needs of the industry as L.A.G Tactical. Walking around during Range Day, I had the pleasure of visiting the L.A.G Tactical booth and getting a look at their products.


    L.A.G Defender holster and Universal Pistol Mag Carrier.

    The flagship product of L.A.G Tactical is the Defender Kydex holster. The holster is available for a plethora of common pistols currently on the market. The Defender can be configured for inside, or outside the waistband use. It features a sweat guard, is open for fluid drainage, flared for ease of holstering and comes with inside and outside the waistband loops. The ride height and cant can be adjusted. The magazine release is protected and the holster is optimized for a full tang grip.


    Aside from the Defender series holsters, L.A.G Tactical offers the smaller Liberator holster as well as Universal Pistol Mag Carriers. L.A.G Tactical also has a Custom shop that does custom designs and projects. There is no doubt that L.A.G Tactical is 100% committed to serving its customers. The staff were enthusiastic, knowledgeable and passionate about their work.

    Navy SEAL, Craig “SAWMAN” Sawyer, currently has a line of products with L.A.G Tactical. They are branded as the “Tactical Insider” line. This is definitely a company that I will be following in the future.

    Thomas Gomez

    Thomas Gomez currently resides in the mountains of central New Mexico. He has an M.B.A, an Ar-15/M16/M4 armorer certification from Specialized Armament Warehouse as well as a Glock armorer certification. Aside from writing for The Firearm Blog he works as a Clinical Analyst for a large Hospital. He spends his free time farming, ranching, hiking, fly-fishing and hunting in the beautiful forests and prairies of New Mexico. He can be reached at [email protected]