Ballistic Advantage QPQ FSB Complete Uppers | SHOT 2017

    Ballistic Advantage QPQ FSB Complete Uppers

    Ballistic Advantage QPQ FSB Complete Uppers

    Ballistic Advantage is known for AR-15 barrels. The Ballistic Advantage BA Hanson Series of barrels has made quite the splash in the AR market with the unique proprietary profile it offers to shooters. Now Ballistic Advantage is expanding its offering in AR-15 upper receiver groups. The new-for-2017 uppers from Ballistic Advantage are aimed squarely at the user that needs a basic AR-15 carbine. The new uppers feature QPQ coated BA barrels, standard A2/M4 front sight posts, A2 flash hiders, and standard upper receivers. Churching up the basic upper a bit from the industry standard offering is the Magpul MOE handguards instead of the traditional M4 or CAR-15 handguards.

    The new Ballistic Advantage uppers, like all Ballistic Advantage barrels come with the BA sub-moa guarantee.

    The new Ballistic Advantage uppers represent a fantastic new offering in the never-ending sea of AR-15 options. If a shooter is in the market for a standard AR-15 upper and they do not need all the bells and whistles of the higher priced offerings, yet they still need or want the reassurance that comes with an accuracy guarantee, they would be wise to take a good hard look at the Ballistic Advantage upper receiver groups.

    Look for the BA uppers to arrive March 2017.

    Ballistc Advantage uppers

    Another angle of the Ballistc Advantage uppers

    BA Hanson AR Barrel

    AR with BA Hanson Barrel

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