Sirearms Concealment Furniture, A New Twist

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

Sirearms posted up a teaser video of their new concealment furniture. We have seen other manner of concealment dressers before but Sirearms has a slight twist on the idea. They are using some sort of camming magnet.

You can pull the drawer out using the knobs on the front of the drawer. Put the drawer back and twist the knobs. Then when you pull the knobs the drawer stays put and a hidden drawer is pulled out to reveal two handguns.

At first glance I thought the knobs may be using printable magnets as seen on Smarter Everyday.

However if you look at the photo I posted at the top, you can see what appears to be a metal bracket and a circular recess. I think the knobs are rotating a magnet on an arm. By rotating the knob, the magnet is moved away from the metal bracket and so the door of the drawer cannot pull the main drawer out. It is an interesting take on the concealed drawer concept.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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