Multi Caliber Goes Big Bore Handguns in New Desert Eagle Package

    Firearms with quick-swap caliber conversions are a simultaneous love and illicit affair within the market. Customers love multi-caliber systems, finding them a great selling point, but few pick up the caliber conversion kits or speaking from experience, those that do pick up a second firearm. However, the more expensive the firearm gets, the more likely the kits will be reasonably successful (assuming the kits are reasonably priced).

    Released quietly on their website, Magnum Research, a division of Kahr Firearms Group, has debuted a true multi-caliber kit for their Desert Eagle big-bore handguns. The Desert Eagle Mark XIX (19 for those curious) 6-inch Component System is a black Desert Eagle handgun complete with components to shoot the handgun in their three most popular calibers, .50 AE, .44 Magnum, and .357 Magnum.


    The kit is a premium offering, including the base frame, barrel, magazine and bolt (only the .357 requires a different bolt) for all the calibers. Also included is a padded lockable aluminium case to keep the kit together in storage or at the range, all in matching black finish.

    The kit may actually make the Desert Eagle “affordable” for the middle-market recreational shooter. Rather than having to pick their big-bore, at just a hair over $3,000 ($3,035 to be exact), the shooter can have all the big bores. 

    Kit includes:

    • DE50 (.50 AE Pistol with 6″ Barrel, Black, 7 Round Magazine)
    • BAR446 (.44 Magnum, 6″ Barrel, Black)
    • BAR3576 (.357 Magnum, 6″ Barrel, Black)
    • .357 Magnum Bolt Assembly
    • MAG44 (.44 Magnum, 8 Round Magazine)
    • MAG357 (.357 Magnum, 9 Round Magazine)
    • Shipped in Protective Lockable (locks not included) Aluminum Case

    Nathan S

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