Springfield Armory Announces New Year, New Gear Giveaway

    Our good friends at Springfield Armory a Springfield XD MOD.2 3″ Sub Compact pistol, along with almost $1,000 worth of accessories and training tools. Enter here.

    GENESEO, IL, January 7, 2017 – Springfield Armory® is pleased to announce its participation in the New Year, New Gear Giveaway. The promotion will give one lucky winner over $1,400 of concealed carry gear including gun, holster, and training tools.

    The New Year, New Gear promotion aims to outfit the winner with everything they need to go from zero to fully-equipped lawfully armed citizen. The promotion not only includes the gun and gear but practice and training materials. In short, the contest provides everything except ammunition and the carry permit, assuming one is needed in the winner’s home state.

    “To kick off 2017, we wanted to do something above and beyond a standard product giveaway,” stated Chad Dyer, Springfield Armory® Creative Director. “We’re committed to empowering Americans to protect themselves and their loved ones, so we were excited to partner with all of these other companies to provide not only all the concealed carry gear that someone will need but training and practice resources too.”

    Springfield Armory® is pleased to give the winner a brand new XD® MOD.2® 3” Sub-Compact 9mm pistol, valued at $565. The XD® Mod.2® Sub-Compact represents the ultimate in Point & Shoot Ergonomics™ for those who carry concealed. It’s compact and easy to conceal, but sacrifices nothing when it comes to handling. The GripZone® surface design applies contour and texture to facilitate control. While the XD® Mod.2® Sub-Compact is compact, there’s no shortage of capacity. The pistol includes a 13-round magazine and a 16-round X-Tension™ backup.

    To carry the XD® Mod.2®, CrossBreed Holsters is providing the winner with a Concealed Carry Pack, valued at $174.95. The package includes the time-tested CrossBreed Supertuck® Holster, a TKB Magazine Carrier, and an Executive Black Gun Belt on which to mount the rig.

    The right equipment is the first step, but training and follow-up practice save lives, so the New Year, New Gear Giveaway also includes training and practice resources. I.C.E. Training is giving the lucky winner the comprehensive Firearms Training DVD Bundle, valued at $115.80. This five-DVD set includes detailed training lessons on Combat Focus® Shooting, Advanced Pistol Handling, Combat Focus® Carbine, Advanced Skill Development Drills, and Defensive Carbine Training Tips.

    To reinforce new skills learned, partner companies are providing the gear for ongoing practice. The Action Target PT IDPA Practice Torso Target, valued at $339, is one of the most effective training tools for competitive and defensive shooting. The steel regulation torso shape mounted on a study stand includes reactive swinging plates in the head and center mass areas to encourage more accurate shooting.

    For safe and efficient practice at home, Laserlyte is including the Gun Sight Trainer ($120.95) and Rumble Tyme Target 2 Pack ($109.95). The Gun Sight Trainer mounts to the XD® Mod.2® rail and pulses a laser each time the pistol is dry fired, offering immediate aiming feedback to the shooter. The two Rumble Tyme targets react to laser “hits” with light, noise, and movement, just like plinking with real tin cans on the range. The result of this indoor-safe combination is fun, skill-building practice at home.

    To enter the New Year, New Gear Giveaway, contestants can visit the promotion page at CrossBreed Holsters. (http://www.crossbreedholsters.com/Giveaways/New-Years-New-Gear-Giveaway)


    Steve Johnson

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