Handicapable Man Almost Shoots Classmate

    In a video that has been making the rounds on Facebook, a man in a wheelchair appears to be attending a class where the shooters are practicing a drill where they shoot as they are approaching the target.

    While normally I would watch the video and move on with my life, the handicapped shooter caught my attention. It appears that the surface of the range is heavily littered with rocks, shotgun casings, and other brass. One of the ROs notices the shooter having trouble and walks over closely followed by another RO.

    With THREE ROs now aware of the situation the first RO starts pushing him telling him to shoot. Keep in mind that the other students are already well down range and the unidentified shooter is manipulating the gun with one hand. As the RO pushes him repeating “You shoot, you shoot, you shoot, I got this, you shoot” the wheelchair-bound shooter takes some shots at the target down range. A couple of these shots looked to be near misses. Yikes!

    The shooter in the wheelchair should have stopped what he was doing as soon as other students passed him, all THREE of the the ROs should have called cease fire. Had I been in this class, I would have raised hell and called it quits for sure. Just because this is 2016 and everyone can do anything according to the participation ribbon committee, that does not mean that you should be unsafe when accommodating someone’s handicaps.

    If anyone knows the name of the facility or instructor, please email me so I don’t ever attend either. Running a training class like this is first rate bullshit.