TFBTV: Ruger American Compact 9mm Review (UPDATE VIDEO LIVE)

    In this episode of TFBTV, James reviews the Ruger American in a smaller and more concealable package.

    As Adam S. previously reported for TFB:

    The Ruger American Compact has been introduced and is available in two different configurations: Manual Safety model and Pro (no manual safety) model.

    Ruger American Compact lends the same feel, function, and design as its larger counterpart with small differences. The barrel is 0.65″ shorter (3.55″ Overall) and it is 2.25 ounces lighter (28.75 Oz. Overall). It still has the interchangeable grip panels, but they are smaller; they cannot be interchanged with the full-size models.

    For those who are a fan of the full-size Ruger American, this one should be a pleasure to carry and shoot as well. It will ship with one 12-round magazine (capacity flush to the frame with a finger grip extension) and a 17-round magazine (capacity and grip extended). Since it shares the magazine angle of the full-size American pistols you will be able to utilize those magazines in the Ruger American Compact as well.

    Ruger summarized their newest offering as follows:

    This new Compact model of the Ruger American Pistol is chambered in 9mm Luger and is available in both Manual Safety and Pro model configurations. With a 3.55″ barrel, and overall dimensions of 6.65″ long, 4.48″ high and a weight of 28.75 ounces with an empty magazine, the Ruger American pistol Compact model shares all of the features and rugged reliability of the duty-size gun in a smaller, lighter, more concealable package.

    Read Adam’s original article here.


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