Guy Almost Shoots Hand Off In Training Course

    Bullsye Bishop posted this video on their website and Facebook page. From the previous shooter, it looks like the drill is to walk while shooting with right hand only. However, the second guy draws his pistol and reaches with his left hand for a customary two handed grip. As he does this he pulls the trigger and nearly shoots his own hand. The RO says he is fine and they continue the drill. I have issues with this as I have RO’d USPSA matches and FNH USA 3 Gun Matches. Any instance of a negligent discharge is cause for immediate cease fire and disqualification. Now this looks like a training class and not a match so no need for disqualification. But such an unsafe act should have been a reason to call a cease fire and immediately draw attention to what just happened. Use this as a learning example and explain to the shooter and any other shooter there so they can all take this incident seriously.


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