Sig Sauer Optics Expands with LevelPlex Equipped TANGO6

    While most precision shooting is typically done static on the range, the tactical and competition world has been pushing the limits of what both rifle and shooter are capable of. Often the shot is not for the ideal seated position on a bench and requires the contortion of the shooter, rifle, or both to make a critical shot.

    Critical to success under those circumstances is the shooters ability to know and account for the cant of the weapon system, bringing the optic and barrel into their ideal vertical position. Typically, this has been accomplished through the ubiqutous bubble levels, common to levels in household tools. These levels certainly have worked, but they do have their risks including breaking, not actually being level with the scope (As they are typically mounted seperate of the scope), breaking camo (they are typically neon green), etc.

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    Sig thinks they have a good solution to that problem using digital technologies. Their latest TANGO6 riflescope featres “LevelPlex”, a digital solution which indicates to the shooter level placement inside the optic itself. As such, the only potential for error or breakage is in the optic itself, not a third party accessory.

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    Sig claims the LevelPlex technology is “6 times more accurate than a typical bubble level.”

    LevelPlex is integrated into Sig Sauers Electro-Optical divisions latest TANGO6 optics. LevelPlex is in three models, “5-30x56mm, 4-24x50mm and 3-18x44mm, while a capped close quarters 1-6x24mm non-LevelPlex model is also available.”

    All Sig optics include their “Infinite Guarantee”, which basically means that so long as you dont mess up the optic, they fix it. Reading the numbers, sounds like this will give Vortex’s guarantee a run for its money.

    For full details on the technology and Sig’s latest Electro-Optical releases, check out Sig’s new website here. 

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