Magpul Now Shipping MOE SL-S Carbine Stocks

    SL-S Stock

    Magpul announced the company is now shipping its MOE SL-S butt stocks. These new adjustable stocks are made for the AR platform and should work on any rifle with a milspec sized buffer tube (lower receiver extension.)

    These are different from the existing SL (slim line) stocks as they are able to store CR-123A batteries (hence the -S in the name: storage). Anyone that has followed the AR for a while may think this sounds similar to the SOPMD style stocks that also store batteries. Well, in a way, the SL-S is an evolution of that stock. Magpul does a pretty good job explaining the details of the original SOPMOD and the differences in the SL-S in this video:

    Among the features of this stock: toe is angled for better use with body armor, the cheek weld is wider than SL stocks, but not as wide as SOPMOD style ones and the battery compartment is waterproof to 10 meters.

    Right now, the only color available is black. However, when asked on Facebook about when other colors would be introduced, a Magpul representative responded “Very soon. Likely before SHOT on colors.”

    Full retail price on this is $79.95. However, various online retailers are selling this for $10+ cheaper. I would expect that these will settle to around $65 after the initial purchasing rush. Considering SOPMOD style stocks run from about $60 – $200, I suspect that this stock will sell well.

    Richard Johnson

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