Advantage Tactical Sights Expands Dark Diamond Line

    Dark Diamond Sights

    Earlier this year, Advantage Tactical Sights (ATS) announced a new group of handgun sights it called the Dark Diamond line. At that time, the sights were only available for the Glock. Shortly thereafter, the company expanded the line to include SIG SAUER, Springfield XD, Walther PPQ and ATS long guns.

    For the SHOT Show, ATS will show additional handgun fits to include:

    • Smith & Wesson M&P
    • Ruger GP100
    • Ruger Redhawk
    • Heckler & Koch HK45, P30, VP9 and VP40
    • Beretta PX4
    • CZ 75

    The company also announced that the front sight color would have two new options: green and aqua. These join the existing coral and yellow to offer a total of four colors from which to choose.

    Dark Diamond Sights

    If you are not familiar with the Dark Diamond sights, here’s a quick overview.

    The front sight is a photoluminescent sight meaning it can absorb light from a flashlight or other source and slowly discharge it. This allows the sight to glow in low light conditions. According to the company, one minute of “strong sunlight exposure” will allow the sight to glow for at least 8 hours. A ‘discharged’ sight can run for 90 or minutes just from a two second exposure from a bright flashlight.

    The rear sight has no markings or glowing characteristics. Since the front sight is large and colorful – even when not glowing – it would appear that the sights are designed to help you get your front sight on target quickly during body alarm response when visual acuity can make it tough to see normal sights.

    Pricing starts at $98.99 on the company’s website.

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