New Truglo Offerings for the Ruger American Pistol

    TFX PRO Features

    Truglo announced the company will now offer its TFX and TFX Pro sights for the Ruger American Pistol line of handguns. These sights should fit both the full size and compact versions of the Ruger pistols, and will fit both 9mm and .45 ACP models.


    TFX stands for Tritium + Fiber Optic Xtreme. As the name suggests, the sights use a combination of a tritium vial and fiber optic rods to produce bright sights across all lighting conditions. The first time I shot a gun with these Truglo sights, I was impressed at how much brighter they seemed than standard night sights.

    This model has a protective housing around the fiber optic rods to help protect them from being broken or damaged. The front sight has a white ring around the rod while the rear has no markings around the rods.

    TFX Pro

    These sights are very similar to the basic TFX sights, with a few changes. Up front the fiber optic rod is surrounded by an orange ring instead of white. The rear sight has a deep U-shaped notch instead of a smaller squared notch. In theory, this can help with quicker alignment  when absolute precision is less important than simply getting rounds on target.

    Another change made by Truglo to the rear sight is that the leading edge has a forward angle to improve its ability to be used for one-handed slide manipulation.

    The sights retail for $172.

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