THE FUTURE IS HERE: LASER FIRING PIN Ignition System of Voere X3 Rifle

    Austrian firearms manufacturer Voere has developed a laser ignition system for their X3 precision rifle. The system consists of a replacement bolt, which has an integral laser instead of the firing pin assembly. The system works with any conventional ammunition with the primer changed to a special one.


    Note the special primer

    Laser bolt Voere X3

    So this system virtually eliminates any mechanical movement in the rifle mechanism during the shooting, making it potentially an extremely precise system. It also brings the lock time close to zero. The laser inside the bolt is powered by lithium-polymer batteries. Safety of this new system works by laser’s power interruption. So in order to convert the rifle to this laser ignition system, all you have to do is to change the bolt and use ammunition with the special primers.

    1 - design

    Laser bolt cutaway

    You can see how the conversion is done in the video below:

    Historical Note

    Voere has been developing electrical ignition systems since 1991. Particularly, it’s been 25 years since they released their VEC-91 hunting rifle, which used caseless ammunition and electrical primer ignition. They patented the laser ignition system in 2005. They were continuously refining it until the technologies made it possible to fit a very powerful laser in such a compact space as the rifle bolt. Eventually, they made a working conversion bolt and ammunition system.


    Voere X3 rifle


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