ARVault – Wall Mounted AR-15 Safe

    GunVault has announced the pre-order availability of their new product called ARVault. It is basically a device to secure AR-15 rifles from unauthorized access. ARVault fits any standard AR-15 style rifle with delta ring forearm attachment.

    ARVault - 1

    The safe is reportedly made of a 16 gauge steel, but it is still a matter to be confirmed by the manufacturer. It has dimensions of 14″Lx11″Wx4″D and weighs 10 pounds. ARVault features a patented No-Eyes keypad available with both digital and biometric options. That locking system allows for quick and easy access to the gun even in darkness or low light conditions, because you don’t need to see it in order to open it. The safe also has an inner protective foam liner not to leave any marks or otherwise damage the rifle.┬áThe safe effectively covers upper and lower receivers of the rifle including the magazine and the grip. It uses the delta ring and buffer tube as fixation points to firmly secure the gun. It also features pre-drilled holes for wall mounting.

    ARVault -2

    The lock system uses one 9V battery and has both LED light and audio low battery indicators.

    ARVault will be available in spring 2017, however, you can pre-order it on GunVault’s website at $199.99. The safe is also California DOJ approved and possible to purchase for California residents.



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