[Nightforce 2016] NF Scope Wraps

    Nightforce Optics has introduced a universal Scope Wrap for 2017. It is 19″ long, 4.5″ tall, and is adjustable up to 22″ around. The wrap is quite simple when it comes to other competitive wraps in that it can be either used with a velcro attachment system, or a plastic buckle in the same location. It also has a carrying handle affixed to the top of the wrap as well. The inside of the scope wrap is gently padded for protecting the scope and there is ample room on both the objective and ocular lens end to accommodate a wide variety of sizes and diameters depending on manufacturer and model. A number of scope covers have simply been two pieces of material sewn at the front and back, with simple buckle enclosures keeping it on the rifle. This wrap takes into account the contour of the scope much better, in addition to covering the magazine well whether empty or magazine inserted. It also makes a great scope case with the scope completely detached from the rifle. However, it doesn’t come with a suppressor or muzzle cover attached, something that many other scope covers do come with.

    DSC07850 DSC07851 DSC07853 DSC07854

    Nightforce will be offering these covers for $75, and they come in Black, Coyote Brown, and OD Green.They should be in the forthcoming Nightforce catalog.


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