Christmas Wishes With The MarColMar UKM Vz. 59

    There will be those that will scoff at a semiautomatic beltfed machine gun. But hear me out. Aside from suppressive fire in combat and the pure joy of squeezing off burst in civilian life, I’m going to have to agree with my fellow writer Patrick R. – machine guns are overrated. Don’t get me wrong, if prices were on par with semiauto firearms, all of my guns would have select fire capability. The MarColMar UKM Vz. 59 beltfed chambered in 7.62x54r, sold by Atlantic Firearms, speaks to those of us who don’t necessarily have the means or desire to unload 2k rounds in every range session.

    At a hair under $6,000, the MarColMar still isn’t cheap, but it is probably the most affordable authentic beltfed (semi) machine gun on the market. And the package includes enough to get you started and then some.

    MARCOLMAR UKM VZ. 59 TACTICAL RIFLE @ Atlantic Firearms


    UKM Vz. 59 7.62x54r Beltfed Tactical Rifle

    IF YOU MISSED OUT ON OUR SEMI PKM (now selling for $10k or more!), DO NOT MISS THE NEW UKM! EXTREMELY LIMITED PRODUCTION!! Taking the best features of the PKM and the Uk vz. 59, and merged them into a new weapon system which provides the best features of both worlds. Even better, it has added features like a forward picatinny tri-rail system, and picatinny sight rail, as well as AR-15 sight height commonality – to provide features neither gun could provide! This gun is destined to be a classic! Built using a modified Uk vz. 59 receiver, it also features an 18 inch chrome-lined barrel vs. 22 inch, relocated bipod, and the new pattern flash hider.


    • 1 x 250 Round Can w/ 5 Belts
    • 1 x 50 Round Can w/ Belt
    • Gunner’s Pouch w/ Maintenance and Cleaning Tools
    • Translated original Czech Military Manual
    • MarColMar Semi Auto Uk Manual
    • Militec Oil and Grease
    • Warranty Card

    “Better than the PKM”:

    • milled construction vs. PKM sheet metal – no receiver stretching or rivets or trunnions to break
    • push through belt allows a shorter overall length
    • faster barrel change – no feedtray to lift – no lock to move
    • breaks down into smaller components – easier cleaning and maintenance
    • picatinny rail compatible with AR fold down sights or optics
    • forward three-rail picatinny for bipods, lights, lasers, forward grips, etc.
    • pistol grip cocking of the UK, replaces the fragile bolt handle of the PKM
    • replacement parts are much more affordable

    “Better than the Uk-59”:

    • moves the bipod to the receiver – providing easier barrel changes
    • picatinny rail compatible with AR fold down sights or optics
    • forward three-rail picatinny for mounting bipods, lights, lasers, forward grips, etc.
    • synthetic furniture impervious to moisture, heat, or swelling, and provides a correct handhold while firing
    • updated flash hider which is more efficient than original cone type

    UKM Vz 59

    UKM Vz 59


    UKM Vz 59


    UKM Vz 59

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