BREAKING: Adjust your Sights for the NEW Ruger SR1911 Target

    SR1911 Target

    Ruger announced an SR1911 Target today to round out their offerings of the popular 1911. It is not vastly different than other target 1911 models you may have seen before, but it does exude Ruger’s traditional curb appeal.

    The slide and frame are CNC machined for tighter tolerances. The barrel and bushing are also fabricated from an individual piece of bar stock to improve accuracy and consistency. This is typical of many 1911 manufacturers currently to improve the overall quality of the product. The SR1911 Target is based off of the Series 70 design of the 1911, too.

    SR1911 Target

    Some standardized features that you would expect from any target 1911 that are also present are:

    • Replaceable Grip Panels
    • Ambidextrous, Extended Thumb Safety
    • Skeletonized Hammer & Skeletonized, Adjustable Trigger
    • Accepts most all Standard, After-Market 1911 Parts & Accessories
    • Bomar-Style Adjustable Rear Sight
    • Flat & Checkered Mainspring Housing

    Many of these mentioned features people would think are very typical; which they are. When you tie them together into a single, stylish 1911 though, it can be pretty eye-catching. Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. expanded on their newest SR1911:

    Ruger is proud to introduce a new Target Model of the popular SR1911. The full-sized, stainless steel Target Model features a Bomar-style, fully adjustable rear sight and an extended, ambidextrous manual safety. This new SR1911 in satin-finished stainless steel also features blackened controls with G-10 textured grips.

    The current MSRP is set at $1,019 which sounds about right for the features given. A standard Springfield Armory Stainless Range Officer MSRP’s at $1,045 and a Kimber Stainless Target comes in at $980. The full specification sheet can be seen below.

    SR1911 Target

    Look for these to be hitting gun store shelves before SHOT Show. Ruger may have other cooler, or dare I say, TACTI-COOL models waiting to be unveiled at SHOT Show. Only time will tell…

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