ETS Releases 170mm Unlimited Class Compliant Glock Magazine

    I dub thee “Happy Stick – Lite”

    All joking aside, Glock shooters now have a significantly less expensive option for unlimited class shooting. ETS (Elite Tactical Systems), known for their clear polymer magazines, has released their latest Glock ware, the 27 round Competition Legal (170mm) magazine.

    Like all other ETS Glock Magazines, the new 27 round offering (just a scant 4 rounds less than the full-size Happy Stick) features clear polymer for the highly useful and tacti-cool feature of seeing your ammunition. From there, the Glock OEM compatible base plate keeps the ETS “wings” for easier gripping and magazine extraction and full compatibility with Generation 1 through Generation 4 handguns with reversible magazine catches.


    Typically, Unlimited / Open class shooters have been forced to purchase magazine extensions which are prohibitively expensive. Taylor Freelance, one of the most popular offerings (and a great one at that), clocks in at $48.99 for the extension kit only which does not include the factory Glock magazine needed for competition. The ETS 27 round offering is $21.99 for the completed magazine.

    For those interested, or simply wanting a lighter version of the full-sized 31 round offering can purchase the magazine directly from ETS’ website or through their reseller network. Unfortunately, these cannot be sent to those in restricted states.

    I for one, want one if only to have a magazine that will fit in my 5.11 pants pockets and actually be easy to grab. The extra capacity is a bonus!

    Nathan S

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