Folding Switchview Levers

    MGM is the maker of the Switchview lever. It is a metal ring with a lobe that you bolt onto your scope magnification ring. It allows the shooter to apply leverage and quickly rotate the magnification ring. It really helps when you need to change magnification quickly or if you shoot with gloves.

    One aspect of the lever is that it does stick out perpendicularly from the scope. For 3Gun shooters this can be a slight issue. Depending on where the Switchview is positioned, it can stick out like a sore thumb. Then when a shooter goes to ground their rifle in a grounding container, such as a trash can or 50 gal barrel, the switch view could snag on the rim. This could cause the switch view to possibly break or dislodge from the scope. Worse it could potentially cause the gun to bounce out of the grounding container. I have seen shotguns bounce out of 50 gal drums and causing the shooter to be disqualified.

    Well MGM has updated their Switchview now with a folding lever. The lever will most likely be left sticking out but if it brushes up against something it will fold out of the way and possibly save a match for a shooter.

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    The new fold down Switchview levers retail for $89.95. That is $30 more than the traditional Switchview. For more information check them out at

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